Martin Gemmell Photography | Steam from the archive
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This gallery contains pre digital images mostly taken during the 80s'
LNER Gresley A4 4-6-2 no 60009 'Osprey' at Kilmarnock.4468 LNER A4 Pacific 'Mallard' circa 11-88LNER Peppercorn K1, Kilmarnock60009 LNER A4 Osprey KilmarnockLMS Stanier 5MT 4-6-0 'Black 5' no 5305 at Kilmarnock.Black 5 5305 about to depart Kilmarnock with a railtour.LNER Peppercorn K1 2-6-0 no 62005Black 5 45428 Eric Treacy NYMR circa 85

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